DeStorm Power Runs Like a Ginger

Congratulations to DeStorm Power for his recent New Media Honoree Award at the 2011 American Music Awards. Watch his recent appearance on The Real Cool Club.

PETA Hates Mario

PETA released a game this week on their site which shows Marios “hate” towards Tanookis. It’s a blatant exploitation on PETA’s behalf just to get more »

Skyrim Makes $450 Million

Bethesda out does themselves again. Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim dominates game stores across the country making an estimated $450 million at launch! The hosts of more »

Best Licensed Game

Licensed games have been around almost as long as video games themselves. From the abysmal ET for the 2600 to the amazing Batman Arkham City more »

Next Xbox Mimicking Apple?

New details regarding Microsoft’s followup to the Xbox 360 have emerged and it’s not what you’d think. With phrases like “going the Apple route,” is more »