What a country!

Friends, loved ones, liked ones, tolerated ones and ones we invite over out of pity… This is a great country. But it’s made great by the more »


Avocado Tequila Ice Cream?

Now that’s comedy! Hey killer people, stream.tv lovers, advocatesforincest.org subscribers… This week’s LIVE! From the future… already making me hot. Stoner Cuisine with Chef Matt! more »

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#118: John, Paul and Ringo?

John Fulton, lead singer of myspace band ‘The Fresh’ plays ‘Two Buck Chuck’ live (with a few f-bombs in there kids), while Paul Malewitz, comedian, more »

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#117: Keep Talking Stu

Jayson Cross, Laura Rosenberg, Alan Flowers. If this show were a bag of nuts, it would be the mixed holiday assortment… some delicious and some more »

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#115: Friends Without Benefits

Avant-garde auteur/comedy-phile Ari David spills his special brand of karma sauce all over the second half-hour of the show while Greg “Whitey McWhiterson” Gately, an more »

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#113: I’m Back!

Geoff Trail makes his valiant return in the first show in our new studio! See if you can spot the unfinished set, the enormous height more »