5 Covers You Need To Hear (#NowPlaying)

Xavier Brinkman gives you 5 cover songs that you just gotta hear!

Backing Music: The Elovay – “Esquire III”

Cover Songs Listed:
BBC’s “God Only Knows”
Taylor Swift “Rip Tide”
Arctic Monkeys “Hold On We’re Going Home”
Leroy Sachez “Dear No One”
Our Last Night: “Dark Horse”

#NowPlaying is here to save you that 40 minute Google rampage on your favorite artist and their new album and give you all the things you want to know in one bite size 3 minute bundle of factual video love.

#NowPlaying dissects a new album every week from a musician’s point of view and gives you all those interesting facts that make you think things like “Oh dang, I did not know that!”, “I’m definitely stealing this and relaying to my hipster friends to seem effortlessly cool” and “the bass player is deaf? Holy smokes I had no idea!”

Host and creator of the show Xavier Brinkman is also the primary host of Balcony TV Los Angeles, music correspondent for Daftstar TV, host for theStream.tv’s American Horror Story as well as the guitarist and singer for LA based band The Elovay.

Xavier had the opportunity to put together his ideal show and #NowPlaying is what he came up with – hope ya like it!

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