Apple Airpods DELAYED on Digital Music News

Apple recently announced that their wireless “Airpods” aren’t quite ready to be shipped. Perhaps their relatively low Q4 earnings are to blame?

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Last month Apple announced their newest iPhone products including the ever controversial wireless airplanes called Airpods.
The internet was in uprising over the move with users posting images of homemade air pods with wires cut off, some even proclaiming
the wire headphones were DEAD.
While some claimed the decision to move to a wireless set was “courageous” others thought there was nothing quite too brave over the $159 new tech.
And while the haters can hate, many have been eagerly awaiting the release of Apple’s Airpods.
However it looks like they’ll have to wait a little bit longer…

On Tuesday the company announced that the airpods are NOT ready to be shipped out to customers, and that they need a little more time to perfect the product.
And could this be because of Apple’s profit loss shown in their 4Q earnings?
The company’s shares are down from 11.12 billion last year to 9.01 billion this year.
But CEO Tim Cook has said he thinks their quarter results were very strong, and that the latest iPhone 7 is their best iPhone yet.
So with that kind of confidence, I guess you can’t lose!

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