Becky wins HOH, Steve and Shelli go up, Steve WINS POV and Vanessa is NOMINATED!

What a season..I feel like it’s nearing the end and we’re just getting the first jury member this week! What!?

This week Becky came through with the endurance/athletic HOH win as well as a $5000 AND NO HAVE NOT reward! So awesome for her. Anyway, she sticks to the plan from last week of putting up Shelli and Steve up on the block but let basically EVERYONE know that her plan is to backdoor Vanessa..YES!! I’m so excited..I’m so over Vanessa..I actually was looking back and I liked her and thought she had a good chance pre-season. I just am so annoyed how she over talks plus how NO ONE is allowed to lie to her or she’ll make it the biggest deal ever yet nothing truthful comes out of her mouth…anyway on to this week.

Jackie does a strip show to take off her unitard/costume and dang that’s a complicated outfit! I’m so glad that my year it was just a simple red unitard…Jackie had no fun “fashion” looks she could pull off.

My looks below:

The full unitard with headband                                        Halter top                                                       Bikini

Big-Brother-8--US--Jen-Leotard-big-brother-172527_370_277 Jen_unitardDiaryroom jenunitardswimwear


LOL I love Steve and Johnny Mac’s conversation and Johnny Mac’s diary room that goes with it! I can’t even describe just have to watch it.

WAIT, WHAT?!? Liz is actually starting to Austin!! I guess it pays to be persistent…especially in the Big Brother house!

The POV is a comic book wall line up type thing where they have to put all the comic books in their proper place as well as their correct copy…but have to swing across to see what that is…It’s a memory thing. Vanessa thinks she has it and Big Brother edits it to make it seem that way but that’s not the case and Steve wins the POV!

Vanessa goes up as the replacement for Steve…SO it’s now Vanessa versus Shelli to go home…let the games begin! They are both great game lets see what happens…

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s show were the Big Brother Houseguests will play an entire week in 1 episode and 2 will become jury members!!

There’s so much more to talk about on our Big Brother 17 After Show will be live Friday with special skype guest Audrey Middleton at 11am PST TheStreamTV #BB17AS Be sure and send us questions or comments on the youtube channel chat or on twitter with #BB17AS We WILL be showing and discussing a couple of tweets LIVE FRIDAY!!

xoxo, Jen

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