February 11, 2014 Live Viewer Questions – AMC Movie News

Mike @Mikelewis_esq
@AMCMovieNews Question – If all you guys had to have a cameo or one line in one movie this year what film would it be?

@AMCMovieNews Do you see more Marvel movies pass 2020?

patrick monaghan @PjmonaghanM1992
Hey amc if a million ways to die in the west and ted 2 makes tons of money do u think we will see a family guy movie @AMCMovieNews

Dr.Cereal_King @Jamaica_007
@AMCMovieNews favorite book to movie adaptation that isn’t a comic book #movietalk

John Krauser @IAmJohnKrauser
@AMCMovieNews Why do you think we only get a handful of good horror movies every year, and a lot of really bad ones?!

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