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Aside from the fact that one of us is a few pounds underweight and the other a few pounds over, one is bald, the other has hair, you really couldn’t tell me and my guest apart. Just two film geeks (in the most positive sense of the word) yapping about the indie film world.

It was a pleasure meeting Mark Bell of Film Threat. I’ve been enjoying the site for several years and respect what they do so it was nice to get inside the mind of its editor in chief.

One of the topics we talked about was the importance of a good First A.D. and how, many times, to be a good First is to be a hated First. Reason being, as a First, it’s your job to keep things on schedule, say no to people and serve as kind of the on-set boss.

Creatively, department heads will fight for more time, attention or resources etc., and the First has to keep the day’s goals in mind and focus those whose attention may be waning. Not that they should, but it can be human nature to test the boundaries of authority and when that happens on set, it’s the First who takes charge. Argot, why he or she may be hated.

I was also able to get some of Bell’s thoughts on film festivals, how he critiques films, distribution and an update on what is going on at Film Threat.

If you’ve just completed a film and are forming a festival strategy pick up Film Threat founder Chris Gore’s “Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide”. I believe Bell said the fourth addition is coming out soon.

If you’re an indie filmmaker, or interested in independent film check out the show if you haven’t already and click on the link above and browse Film Threat for yourself. They have a new headline section that makes it easy to navigate and get all the entertainment news of the day from various sites in addition to their own. will take you directly to all past Filmnut shows. This is episode number 202.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

Jeff Schubert

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