From webby nominated series Luke 11:17, Ryan Cafeo!

From the two-time Webby nominated series Luke 11:17, actor/producer Ryan V Cafeo!

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Man, it was good to be back – we had 2 guests, 5 free DVD’s, 15 free iPhone apps, played some games, had some music from @johnfulron; it was a veritable salad bar of entertainment. First up, there is some good news in the economy, folks… I found a bunch of real (odd) jobs on the interweb and we played: Name your price! where John, Jessie and Stu had to say how they would require to do ‘said’ jobs. Shockingly, John’s price for most jobs involved a bag of weed.

(Stuart and iPhone App. developer/author/comedian Louise Palanker reflect on life, ad infinitum.)

Then, it was time for a *new segment* called: Pimp that SHIT!, where someone/thing comes on the show with the sole purpose of plugging their product/service. Louise Palanker came on to promote her iPhone App, which you can download at the App store if you just type in the word: Journals.

Louise taught us how to make our own App, and then we played a game Is it Paap’s App?, where Stu fooled everybody with real/bullshit Apps. There, we’ve said “App” enough to re-new our douchey status. Good for us.

(Ryan V Cafeo, Stu and a mystery photographer (Magistro, is that you?) discuss Luke 11:17, sports and who’s gonna win this staredown. )

Then, it was time for Ryan Cafeo, who was promoting his Rob Zombie and Wes Craven endorsed web series called Luke 11:17. We discussed Luke, the conflicted character he plays on the show, his role as a producer on the series, how he lived in a uHaul truck for a month, and his one time job as an iron worker.

(John and Jessie do their best Sonny and Cher but with date rape jokes instead of “halfbreed” jags.)

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