How to Juggle 2 Balls in 1 Hand on Balls In The Air

Today Felicia will teach you how to juggle 2 balls in 1 hand, you do not need to know 3 ball cascade for this trick!

“Balls in the Air’  features Los Angeles actress Felicia Masias.  Doing the things she loves best, acting and juggling!  She has traveled all around this beautiful country and has juggled at some really great places like The Alamo, Foamhenge, The Grand Canyon, sand sledding down the the White Sands National Park and the list goes on. Her goal is to juggle in every state of the United States. When asked why?  She responds with “Why NOT?  Isn’t that what life’s about? Doing the things that make you smile?” Her proudest juggling feat was staging a juggling flash mob on the New York City Subway train!  Watch is at

Felicia recently moved to Los Angeles after living in New York City for the past 9 years. She is an active performer for ‘Foodplay’ a show teaching kids about healthy eating and exercise! Felicia has recently been spotted juggling onstage for the newest Intel “1 in 7 billion” commercial. Felicia’s show ’Balls in the air’  was made to introduce people to things they may be unfamiliar with. To show you can learn a new skill no matter what your age, race or gender is! And most importantly learning a new skill like juggling not only has many health benefits but also looks really cool!

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