LA Bans Plastic Bags, Man Pays…

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@HaileyBright tweets: Plastic or Paper? LA’s proposal to ban both is the strictest to date

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Uh, I’ll take plastic / Did you bring your own? / Go, go, go! Get on the fucking ground! / What? / Get on the ground! / I just wanted- / This is a sting, Motherfucker! You didn’t bring your own bag? That do you think this is, 1950? / You have bags don’t you? / What is wrong with you? / Sweetheart, they don’t even give you a chair! / No, they make me stand all day all night! / Why would you do this to me and my family -our family! / They call me plastic boy. / In jail, they call you that? / Well, well, well, if it ain’t plastic boy. / I was wondering if I could use the weights. / You wanna use these weights? / Yeah / Well, plastic boy, you wanna use these weights? / Yeah, I just need something to do / You gotta suck my pee-pee off. / ugghhh / Hey, is that plastic boy over there? / Ohh yeah. / My wee-wee needs some shining / Yeah, shine my wee-wee up and shine his wee-wee up too. / Hey, plastic boy. / Ahuh / Why don’t you come put your mouth on my ding-dong? / Why can’t you guys just use a word like dick or something? / Hey, Plastic boy, I got a corn-on-the-cob that needs buttering up. / What do you mean by that? / I mean butter up my corn-on-the-cob! / Oh, okay! / And suck my dick!

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