Poor little Bernie…

The second episode of Season 9, “The Separation Oscillation”, started off by giving us a long awaited EPIC moment….Sheldon and Penny share a very passionate kiss!! Wait, what? Oh, of course, it was just a dream…but what wasn’t a dream was the aftermath of ShAmy’s breakup and the tension between newly married Leonard and Penny.

Though the details of the incident just surfaced for much of the group, poor Bernadette has been hiding this little secret from her best friend for almost 2 years now….and she feels horrible!  She’s afraid that Penny will find out that she knew about the kiss and will think of her as an awful friend for not telling her about it. To me, one of the funniest scenes in the episode was watching Bernadette squirm (as the ladies are talking in Penny’s apartment) while trying to maintain the fact that she knew nothing of Leonard’s indiscretion.  Her level of discomfort is palpable, as well as hilarious!


Will Penny find out that Bernadette knew about Leonard’s dirty little secret the whole time? If so, will she be as mad (or even angrier) with Bernie as she was with Leonard? Tune in next week to find out and then join us live during the Big Bang After show to be a part the discussion! Tweet us all week using #BigBangAS to let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to check out this week’s Big Bang After Show!

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