Road to Evo with Dr. Sub-Zero

Evo is just around the corner. Hear about how the Dr. and crew plan bodying Vegas this weekend. Plus, our music video of the week. It’s all here on and

On tonight’s show, we talk about do’s and don’ts while at the strip clubs along with some embarassing personal experiences.

Dr Sub-Zero wants to do all he can to help out the stream monsters during EVO. What do you think, should we host the only free EVO chat?

Game review of the week: People won’t stop talking about it and it seems mind-numbingly stupid. Twitter! Turns out it’s kinda useful.

Song of the week is “Around the Way” by Lupe Fiasco, with animation by our very own Tony Mendez, creator of the Ask Dr. Sub-Zero official artwork!

Movies of the week: Prometheus and Madagascar 3. Some sleeping involved, but it gets good. Wish I could say the same for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Bitch of an ex-girlfriend gets off when people have to accommodate to her.  What the hell is up with Renic’s jacket? Will we make it to EVO, or die in a drunken mess on the way?


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