Rob Van Dam Man Handles Girl

Rob Van Dam, wrestling super star, will be LIVE on “LIVE! From the future… with Stuart Paap!” on Tuesday, February 5th at 8PM PT! Rob is an amazing guy who got his start in ECW and quickly rose to fame with chair shots and crowd dives. Watching him perform is an example of what wrestling can be. Unlike any imitators and poseurs, Rob actually re-defines EXTREME. Believe it!

*UPDATE: (As of 1-03-08) Rob will be giving away a t-shirt, an action figure, 8×10’s to autograph and MORE!

Rob invented a new kind of work out called the Van Dam lift where he does a split with both legs on seperate chairs and lifts a heavy weight in the middle. YOWCH!

Can YOU do this?

Rob also started RVD TV on his website, which you can find HERE! It is a deep look at what his life is like. He is a very positive guy with an amazing sense of humor. He even did standup comedy for the first time at the Ontario Improv!

(You can click the banner to go right to the forum page and post comments and questions for RVD)

“LIVE! From the future… with Stuart Paap!” is a LIVE interactive late-night comedy talk show on internet TV hosted by Stuart Paap. Joining him are John Fulton, Musical Director and Jessie Schneiderman, IM Girl. You can catch the longest running show on TheStream.TV LIVE Tuesday nights on

The Stream of Consciousness Online Television Network ( is a Los Angeles based, online television network that airs all of its live, interactive shows out of the same 15′ x 11′ studio on Wilshire Blvd. Brian Gramo,’s founder, has personally directed every broadcast of nearly 500 live shows since the network launched in January 2007.

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