Roommates no more!

Tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory is sure to raise some eyebrows! Leonard is finally moving out of Sheldon’s apartment and in with Penny. Needless to say, Sheldon will not let this happen willingly. On one hand, I’m happy that Leonard and Penny will finally be taking that next step – after all, they areĀ married – but on the other hand, I’m going to miss having Sheldon and Leonard in the same space. Or am I? Rumor has it that Penny will invite Sheldon to live with them after Amy turns down his proposal to be his new roommate. When Leonard protests, she’ll tell him to think of Sheldon as their dog. How heartwarming!


If that’s not enough hijinks for you, Raj and Howard are going to start a band to play at Stuart’s comic book store. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see how it all goes down! What do you think? Will Sheldon become their pet? Tune in tonight to find out, and then catch our after show and discuss with us live! Tweet at us all week using #BigBangAS

See you there!

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