Sanaz Show Breaks New Site Record


LOS ANGELES, CA : MAY 4th, 2007 - The Boood Stream #110 featuring Interview Personality Metal Sanaz surpassed 300,000 downloads during the month of April 2007.  Metal Sanaz gave away a coffin shaped guitar case to a Metal Sanaz Posterlucky fan during the live broadcast.  The winner was selected by throwing a piece of gum at a poster of Metal Sanaz that featured images of her fans in the background.  The episode has already passed 100,000 downloads in the first four days of May. The previously highest downloaded show was Sanaz’s first appearance on The Blood Stream #109, which passed 100,000 downloads last month.

Brian Gramo,’s owner stated, “I nearly wet myself.  It’s a major anomaly compared to the downloads we’ve seen to date.  We’ve only been around since January ’07 so this is the first time we’re seeing any notable stress on our servers.”  Gramo continued, “Since we’re on a relatively small hosting package at this point, I’ve had to load balance the demand for this file by redirecting the download requests to a mirror site.  However, growth like this is a good problem to have and we’ll continue to break these milestones.”

Mr. Gramo also made note that the episode also broke their live viewership record during the broadcast by serving the show to over 1,500 concurrent viewers.  The previous record was just over 400 viewers when The Iron Maidens, an all female Iron Maiden tribute band, also appeared on The Blood Stream.

The Blood Stream was created by Brian Gramo and Brian Cohen.  Cohen hosted the first ten episodes of the series before handing off the job to its new host Jimmy Roc.  Brian Cohen had only intended to do a short run of shows before moving back east to begin a commercial production company.  However, the success of the show has prompted to continue the series.


Brian Gramo, Owner
The Stream of Consciousness Online Television Network

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