So Many Questions, So Little Answers

We’re ramping up for the season finale of Fear The Walking Dead and the best way to celebrate the end of a show is to look back on previous episodes. I won’t get nostalgic on you and rehash what our Fear The Walking Dead After Show clips discuss, instead i’m going to point out all the things I personally took issue with over the course of this first season. So…Here we go.

S1.E2. Principal Artie


Who took a bite outta Principal Artie? He shut down the school and the next time we see him, he’s turned into a Walking Dead and he’s bleeding from an unknown wound.


S1.E2: Alicia & Matt

Alicia & Matt

Who took a bite outta Matt?! Last time we saw the loving couple together, they had made plans to meet up later at the beach and Matt had stood up Alicia. When Alicia gets to Matt’s house she thinks he has the flu but when Madison and Travis show up, they find that Matt was bitten by someone and will turn. So, at what point in the timeline from Matt leaving Alicia’s side and trying to meet up with her at the beach did he have the time to encounter someone who would bite him? And why then would he just go straight home instead of the hospital?


S1. E3: Madison, Military and Me.

Madison & Military

There are soo many issues that I have with the portrayal of the Military, more specifically The National Guard in Fear The Walking Dead. 1. I understand what a budget is but seriously, you can’t give these people name and rank? 2. This this screen grab, The Military in direct contact with possible infected use gas masks to protect themselves in case this is a bio or chemical terrorist attack…There is a cover that goes along with these gas masks that for some reason they don’t ever use.



This is NOT how you hold an assault rifle and why the hell are you wearing medical latex gloves?


When engaging possible “Combatants” or “threats” or “targets” you never use the sling on a rifle like this because if someone were to rush you, you do not have a handle on your firearm and you would not be able to use hands and/or your weapon. Again with the latex gloves.


Fear The Walking Dead

Why were they clearing out a Library? and Why waste a grenade on 2 Walkers?

By the way…


These guys are not Military. This gas mask is WWII era gas mask that anyone could pick up from a pawn shop or army surplus shop. If that’s the case, who are they and will we see them later?

S1.E6. Doug


Doug…Is…The…Worst! Any dude who abandons his family zombie or no zombie apocalypse is a dick.

S1.E6. The Arena


So THIS is why we see little to no zombies in the last three episodes. Lame!


I cannot wait to see what the season finale has in store for us, I honestly hope Daniel Salazar busts open the chains on the arena and goes full Spartan on everyone that gets in his way.

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