Special Effects Artist Vincent Guastini Displays His Work!

Staci Layne Wilson welcomed special effects artist Vincent Guastini to Dread Central Live. Vincent had worked on movies such as Child’s Play 3, The Langoliers and Dogma. Vincent credited John Carpenter “The Thing” as the movie that changed his life and inspired him to start his own special effects company at the age of 22. Staci led the conversation about what specifically in that 1982 movie that so influenced Vincent. Other questions asked include a discussion of Vincent’s works in “Coldwater” (by Dave Parker) and “The Devil’s Carnival” (by Darren Bousman). The hosts also were interested in Vincent’s process of working with other colleagues who had their own strong visions, such as Patrick Tatopoulos of “I, Frakenstein”.

Hosts Staci and Vanessa continued the conversation about Vincent’s special effects and makeup work on “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” which is coming out soon. They discuss whether CGI effects enhanced or hinder practical makeups. Vincent also got to talk about “The Taking”, a Bryan Singer film, as well as “V/H/S 3”. At the end, Staci and Vanessa learned a little more about Vincent’s directorial debut.

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