Taoist Secrets of Love


Yeah, baby. We had fun guest-hosting on Episode 202 of Lovestream, a show that features frank discussions about sexuality. Our topics? Ancient Taoist techniques for prolonging sex and some interesting herbal aphrodisiacs.

Let’s recap some of the smokin’ hot issues we covered.

The Taoists

Firstly, a little background on the Taoists. Taoism dates back to the 3rd century BC and some of its most famous adherents were Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu. Chuang Tzu was a real person with a terrific sense of humor and a penchant for skewering the people in power. Lao Tzu may or may not have existed (some think he is actually a collection of people), and his famous text is the Tao Teh Ching, one of the most read books of all time.

Tao can be translated as “the way” and refers to a pervasive force that transcends man’s vain attempts to create God in his own image. To the Taoists, the true Tao (or God) was nameless, formless and larger than anything that man could conceive. All attempts to do so were merely man’s attempt to create something that could be used for political ends to control, brutalize and otherwise make people’s lives miserable.

Taoist philosophy was broken into 8 areas or pillars of wisdom. One of those areas was “sexology” or the study of sex as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. They believed that sexual energy could be harnessed and converted into spiritual energy and that this energy could be utilized to help others and to help oneself maintain vigorous health. It was also the key to inner “alchemy”, that age old quest for immortality.

Son, Save Your Semen

For men, one of the keys to harnessing this sexual energy was to preserve their semen. In Chinese medicine, which has its roots in Taoist thought, semen is referred to as “jing” or essence. This is the most refined fluid that the body produces and is thought to be very precious. Wasting it is like squandering a fortune and the consequences can vary from mild to serious.

Many of the practices in Taoist sexology revolve around conserving jing. In order to do this the practitioner could do one of two things, abstain from sex or learn how to have sex without ejaculating. Abstinence just ain’t no fun, people, so we took a look at the techniques involved in having sex without spilling your seed.

There is a general equation for how often one should ejaculate and this is based on your age. The older you get, the less often you should do it. The equation is: Your age x .2 = the number of days between ejaculation. So if you are 30 you should ejaculate every 6 days. As one of the members of the audience said when I lectured on this topic last year, “That’s easy if you’re married, but my girlfriend won’t be happy about it.”

Techniques for Preserving Your Seed

There are various techniques for having sex without ejaculating and one of our viewers told us about a website (www.jackinworld.com) that explores techniques like this and is devoted to a healthy appreciation of masturbation (mostly male).

One of the better known techniques is to apply pressure on your perenium (known in the vernacular as “the tain’t”- (cause it ain’t your balls and it ain’t your anus, its in between) just prior to ejaculating. This, essentially, creates a dam and does not allow semen and sperm to pass through the urethra forcing it to go back to where it came from to be reabsorbed by the body and put to much better uses than being discarded with a piece of toilet paper or paper towel.

A word of caution when using this technique. If you don’t know how to consciously and naturally recirculate the energy that builds up from doing this you can wind up with some problems like pain in the testicles or congestion in the prostate. There is a technique called the micro-cosmic orbit that is devoted to recirculating this energy after you apply pressure to your your tain’t. (its also a good idea to massage the area after doing so.)

Change Your Mindset

A better approach is learn to pace yourself and change your mindset about having an orgasm. This requires reorienting yourself and understanding that the act of sex can be very enjoyable without achieving “lift off”. In fact, you feel amazingly energized and rejuvenated if you do it correctly. Furthermore, your partner is able to prolong her pleasure immeasurably because you learn how to slowly and consistently have sex for a longer and longer period of time. Its a win/win situation.

The basic technique for lasting longer and giving your woman more pleasure is as follows:

3, 6, or 9 Shallow, 1 Deep

Alternating shallow and deep thrusts: 3, 6 or 9 shallow thrusts stimulate the plexus of nerves by the G spot & is best for exchanging sexual energies.

One deep thrust forces the air out to create a vaccum during the shallow thrusts that follow. This vaccum has a stimulating effect on the woman.

That’s it, 9 shallow, one deep and keeep building slowly and gently until she reaches the 9th level of female orgasm. Each level of orgasm energizes certain parts of the body and evokes a certain observable and predictable response in the woman:
(Our viewer also told us about a site for women called www.clitical.com devoted to erotica and female masturbation)

The following information comes from a book called “The Tao of Sexology” by Dr. Steven Chang.

9 Levels of Female Orgasm and The Responses They Cause:


1. Lungs; The woman sighs, breathes heavily and salivates.

2. Heart; The woman, while kissing the man, extends her tongue out to him. According to traditional Chinese medicine the tongue corresponds to the heart.

3. Spleen, pancreas, and stomach; As her muscles become activated, the woman grasps and holds the man tightly.

4. Kidneys and Bladder; Women experience a series of vaginal spasms at this time secretions begin to flow.

5. Bones; The woman’s joints loosen and she begins to bite the man.

6. Liver and nerves; The woman undulates and gyrates like a snake, trying to wrap her arms around the man.

7. Blood; The woman’s blood is “boiling”, and she is frantically trying to touch the man everywhere.

8. Muscles; Her muscles totally relax. She bites even more and grabs the man’s nipples.

9. The entire body is energized; She collapses in a “little death”. She completely surrenders to the man and is completely opened up.

In order to succeed at this men have to have a slightly different view of sex and of the role of the part of their anatomy that they are most fixated on, yes, the penis. Here is an alternative view of the penis, entitled “The 5 Virtues of The Penis”.

The 5 Virtues of The Penis:


1. Kindness: As a tool for servicing the woman, it keeps giving and giving.

2. Righteousness: It is not selfish. It performs its duty yet it is empty on the inside with nothing of its own.

3. Courteousness: It is polite. It advances or retreats at the right time. It is hard or soft at the right time. Its is shaped neither squarely or pointedly. It will neither hurt nor show a lack of discipline.

4. Wisdom: It knows how to find a way to please a woman, and it will do whatever is in its power to satisfy her.

5. Honesty: It will keep on laboring until it completes its duty. If it can not fulfill its duty, it gives up completely. It is completely honest.

Its completely honest, people. All I can say is, its all good. Have fun with it and use protection.

Be sure to check out my next blog entry in which I will recap the aphrodisiac herbs we covered in the show.



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