Epidemic: The Pilot

A shot of our show
If you havent watched our last episode, the “Pilot” YOU SHOULD! We brought on a very good friend of mine; Benn Jordan aka The Flashbulb. I didnt realize how popular he was until he came onto the show and we ended up being flooded with messages and IMs of all sorts! I had alot of fun with him as our guest since it was a completely new perspective for me. I love Benns music but I was impressed that soo many people thought of him as such a musicial genius. We asked alot of in depth questions about his music that I got from his message board at www.theflashbulb.net and also a lot of questions from his fans via IMs. I wanted to make sure his fans did get all of their questions answered. At some point I guess Saturn and I got lost in having soo much fun that we lost track of time. A lucky fan of ours ended up winning Benns itinerary for his trip to California.  I am very happy that we ended up getting soo many viewers, even more so than when we used to host Super Awesome Amazing. I’m also very happy about how great TheStream is doing! As time passes by everything is getting better and better.

So, in the end. Thank you everyone for being soo great. Also, thank you Brian for being soo kickass!

Love always,


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