The Purpose of Life

Tonight on Ask Dr. Sub-Zero we get into the real talk. We start by sending a shout to ReNiC, who couldn’t be here, but he is replaced by Gootecks of Cross Counter fame. From then we go right into the sacrifices, from going to see the new Batman right down to the Doc’s return to Hat -the restaurant that nearly gave him a messy, spewing end.


We then dive in to the main point of tonight: what is the purpose of life? Is it working towards happiness and wealth like Gootecks says? We think it’s simply doing something and sharing it with those you care about, right here on the show…. and porn. And we’ll be damned if we won’t spend the rest of the show talking with you, the stream-monsters. With that in mind we head online to see what we can find on skype.


How would the show change if we had unlimited funds? Pizza. Raids. Blowjobs. All the time and all at once. Big things are coming.


Would Dr. Sub take a didldo with peanut-butter for Gianna? He would do anything for her. ANYTHING. Sadly, peanut-butter is Dr. Sub’s kryptonite so she would have to settle for his corpse.


Also, our good friend Princess calls in to talk dirty to the Dr. and set up some cyber later this evening.


Finally, we are going on hiatus but we’ll be back, in any and all forms possible.


Stay Tore.



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