Totally “Syked” About My Birthday

Seems that now you can just have a robot wish your friends happy birthday on MySpace.  Not only will the site REMIND you of your friend’s birthday, but now you don’t even have to be reminded.  Just let your love and thoughtfulness spread via auto-pilot.  Well done everyone!

I write this only because… with over 6,000 friends on MySpace (which isn’t even that much lately), I’ve gotten quite a few Birthday wishes that were far from unique.  Most of them form letters that simply inserted my profile name into them.  Kind of awkward since it’s “Brian of”


That’s totally how someone would write it… most def.  HOWEVER! There are the select few that go above and beyond when it comes to thoughtfulness and originality.  Like this fine example:

Brian Silver Surfer

Thanks to Simon from Syke Media for this very original birthday treat!

And if you like to leave me yet another reminder of my fading youth on my MySpace page:

There ya go!

Brian Gramo

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