Watchmen Reviewed, SF4 Party, & Doomed Games.  Top Stories: WCG Ultimate Gamer; XBox Live Price Drop; WCG Ultimate Gamer on TV; More bundles like Resident Evil 5 on the way; Above the influence mis-informed propaganda; The Beatles on Rockband.  Nikole’s Top 7 Signs Your Game May Be Doomed and Tweet of the Week.  Our “Game of the Week” is “Watchmen: The End is Nigh” with live gameplay plus review. We gave out FIVE tokens to win the XBox 360 during the grand prize drawing at the end of the month.  Watch live for your chance to win a token too!  Just follow us on Twitter at: – (This episode has been edited down for timing.)  Hosts: Jim Festante, Nikole Zivalich, David Guida. Directed/Edited by Brian Gramo

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