Hulk, Rise, Star Wars & more on Thought Balloon!

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An intergalactic edition of THOUGHT BALLOON is beaming to you live this Thursday at 8 PM Pacific on! Please join Richard, Neil, and Brian as they welcome guests Carl Dancy and Noel Mercado, the creators of the sci-fi superhero saga comic, “Dominion: Eulogy!”

Carl and Noel will be fielding questions regarding breaking into the comicbook industry, spilling the secrets of their upcoming work, and sharing their experiences at the recent Star Wars Celebration IV! We’ll also be covering this week’s release of “Fantastic Four 2: Rise Of The Silver Surfer” and the smash comic event, WORLD WAR HULK!

So be sure to instant message in with all of your queries and comments, because THOUGHT BALLOON is still the only live-streaming show dedicated to comicbooks, where you — the viewer — have a say.

THOUGHT BALLOON streams this Thursday, June 14, at 8 PM Pacific/11 PM Eastern on See you on the (online) airwaves…

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