Wrap: HGTV’s Suzanne Whang Spider-Man’s Josh Keaton!

Double Guests: From HGTV’s HouseHunters, it’s Suzanne Whang, and from Disney’s Spectacular Spider-Man , we welcome Josh Keaton!

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We was REAL excited y’all for the one month anniversary of the fourth of July – Happy August 4th! Stu celebrated the three things that any half-Canadian loves about Amuricah 1) Guns 2) Suds and 3) Jugs! God Bless the US of/and A!


(Stu, Suzanne and Josh hang with the chat room about obscure sexual practices. “He reached around to find a rusty trombone in his dirty Sanchez?”)

The festive atmosphere (almost) carried over into our kick off bit; a surprise visit from Jeff Trail: Mid-Level Warehouse Manager. Next was a new edition of the recurring classic You Supply the Punchline, which thanks straddled the razor’s edge of topicality. Joke setups were pitched and the chat room made mighty efforts to, yes, supply the punchline. Somehow, Monica Lewinsky’s eggs, juvenile diabetes and Dakota Fanning all made it into the chat room’s gags. Jessie was underwhelmed. “I just want to make sure you guys are clear on what a joke is”. Me too, Schneids.

@johnfulron then took us on a photographic tour of his experience, such as he could remember, of the recent Phish show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Gone Phishin. John’s memory might be hazy but the pictures ere clear, especially the one of the 40,000 bearded 30-somethings with football jerseys and the five girls there (cleary the designated drivers/deluded college GF’s) who attended the show with their overgrown burnout bone-buddies.


(John tries – and nearly succeeds – to remember what happened at Red Rocks)

First guest was Josh Keaton, the voice of, among many others, the title character on The Spectacular Spider-Man. Josh told some great stories about his career, including his first role in an Osh-Kosh commercial at the ripe old age of three and his visit to Neverland ranch as a member of pop group. He met Michael Jackson and gave us a few tidbits about the ranch – including the fact that it was staffed and operational 24 hours a day – even the candy shop. Did we mention 24 hours a day? Who needs Now n’ Laters at 3:30 AM? Oh yeah, drug addicts.

We then sprung a surprise on Josh – he’d be the contestant in a round of Rollin’ on Dubs! We showed a soundless clip of alumnus guest Brian Huskey (http://thestream.tv/?v=1347), and Josh voiced a comedy routine or two over Brian’s work.

This was hunger-inducing labor, so Josh gracefully shared his prize recipe with the audience. In a segment of Bargain Vittles, our guest took us through all of the steps required to make the patented In N’ Out Double Double and Animal Style Fry Burgerito. Josh delicately sliced the burger into sections and wrapped it with a generous helping of the cheesy fries into a family-sized tortilla. Presto, instant dinner!

Next up was Suzanne Whang. Suzanne was the host of HGTV’s House Hunters, but in contrast to her sober hosting duties on the show is also a wickedly funny stand-up comedian. She demonstrated this by giving a taste of her stand-up character, Sung Hee Park, a shy Korean immigrant with no command of English who tells horribly racist jokes out of complete ignorance.

IMG_0518(Suzanne prepares to shock Stu – felching [and confession], here we come!)

Once upon a time, Suzanne was also a show host on Playboy radio. She proved this in graphic fashion by describing the act of felching, which really shocked everyone in the studio. And if you’re unsure what felching is, you’re less enlightened and probably healthier and happier for it than we are.

Nevertheless, a queasy sexual act was somehow the right note on which to end the show. While Stu gamely attempted a recovery from the sex conversation, John serenaded us goodnight.

It’ll be goodnight for a quite a while – we’ll be taking a short hiatus, to return in mid-September. Until then, enjoy your summer and check us out at http://livefromthefuture.com/.

IMG_0493(Stu prepares for the hiatus by getting drunk on official Live! From the Future beer – which is definitely not a name brand crudely covered with a sticker or anything)

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