Antonio Sabato Jr. and Larry Guli Live From the Future 344

Reality TV star/Co-Executive Producer, Soap Star, Calvin Klein model and Chef(?) Antonio Sabato Jr. from VH1’s “My Antonio” and Larry Guli of Curb Your Enthusiasm stop by to talk brain teasers, golf, artillery, beautiful women and Italian Meat Sauce!

(*If you want information on Ti West, Director of “The House of the Devil” who is our guest this Tuesday, October 27th at 8PM, check back here by Monday, October 26th.)


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In this special edition of Live! From the Future... (if you’re paying attention, we aired on Friday instead of our usual Tuesday) because both our two guests – Antonio Sabato Jr. and Larry Guli – will have big TV moments coming up tonight, Sunday, October 25th.

First up was Larry, who is quite possibly the first former army artillery officer/ace softball player/investment banker/golf pro to make it in the acting world. As if his former professions hadn’t provided enough challenge and stimulation, Larry decided to go into show business after his retirement. So much for taking it easy in the golden years – Larry’s been busy ever since, playing a recurring role on General Hospital and, most recently, appearing as the latest foil to Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry’s episode will appear tonight at 9PM on HBO!


Actor, Investor, good guy Larry Guli gets uncomfortable when Stu asks him if he wouldn’t mind a casual Greco-Roman wrestling match after the show. The answer was “No!”

Larry’s impressive resume didn’t intimidate Stu, who actually believed he might be able to match wits with MENSA member Larry in a brain teaser contest. We’re too dumb to remember the actual question; regardless, Larry got it correct within seconds while Stu took the better part of several minutes to guess it completely wrong.

pic2The audience figures out the brain teaser minutes, if not hours, before the show’s host

Next up was Antonio, whose big secret will be revealed TONIGHT! – Sunday night, October 25th at 10PM on VH1. We tried, oh yes we tried, to get him to tell us the winner on “My Antonio” but our guest was too discreet for that (not to mention bound by solid non-disclosure agreements).

Antonio expresses his true feelings about his host in Italian. Luckily, Stu speaks only English and rudimentary Urdu.

Watch Antonio Sabato Jr. speak Italian on

In addition to his current reality effort, Antonio is a veteran actor, appearing in General Hospital (are you sensing a pattern here?) and many other TV shows and movies, the latest being the title role in the crime drama Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas for which he won a Best Actor award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival! He told us about these experiences, as well as his formative years in L.A. (his father, also an actor, moved the family to the U.S. when Antonio was a young man).

pic4Jessie Schneiderman is the winner of our “Best Antonio-baiting Costume” award for the evening. John, a distant second, sulks in the corner.

In fact, Antonio didn’t speak any English at all before arriving on these shores. To prove it, he even gave us a few lines in Italian. Did he actually reveal the name of his new sweetheart from My Antonio during this exchange? Probably not, but we like to fantasize that we got the scoop.

pic5Antonio reverts to English; luckily he didn’t throw any brain teasers Stu’s way

We also talked about our guest’s hobbies, which include a passion for racing cars (and doing so on three continents) gymnastics and, most tastily, cooking. Due to LFTF’s lack of kitchen facilities – the microwave and the barrel of Grapevines in the lobby don’t count – we unfortunately couldn’t get Antonio to give us an on-air demonstration, but he did detail his recipe for genuine Italian meat sauce (which is built from capers, carrots, lots of garlic, olive oil, meat and tomato sauce). As the studio audience, Stu, Fulron and Jessie alternated salivating over the recipe and over Antonio himself, we brought the show to a close.

Buon Appetito from all of us, and see you at the dinner table… uh, the next show (which, by the way, will be on our usual Tuesday evening, in this case October 27).


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