Known as a great character actor for his work in such shows as In Plain Sight, Entourage, The Wire, Everybody Hates Chris, John from Cincinnati and the Invisible Man, Paul Ben-Victor breaks out in the indie film Should’ve Been Romeo.

Ben-Victor stars, writes and produces Should’ve been Romeo which has a great cast that includes: Ed Asner, B.J. Britt, Carol Kane, Michael Rapaport, Kelly Osbourne, Mary McCormack, and lots of great cameos.

Ben-Victor talked about Romeo and his other work, including the racy dialogue on Everybody Hates Chris, and his death scene in Entourage.  He also answered some great viewer questions including who he would rather work with: a great Dp or a great director, and how does he feel about his show In Plain Sight being picked up for a 5th season but told this will also be the show’s last.

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