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Iliza angry Tweets to an airline and they tweet back! The GOP embarrasses itself further, Tampons get a recall and we decide what we think about Joe Paterno. Plus, Alexis and Iliza tell us about some new products, one involving farts. Also child molesting wolves, white trash Muslims and Invisibility cloaks!

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  • That tampon story was way too long. I thought I was going to be watching the Weakly News for 5 days. Also what did Alexis mean when she said the inventors of the Knife Helicopter had their hearts in the right place? If their hearts weren’t in the EXACT right place, they would die.

  • Cloaking devices already existed using metamaterials but most people don’t know about them. Also go Skyrim. P.S. the fart thing… I actually created the concept several years ago while making fun of my friend’s little brother who farted a lot. the idea was to have a small fan-like device with a potpourri scent. when you fart the fan sends the gas through the potpourri filter… bastards

  • WOAH.!!!!! Doesn’t anyone think Iliza Shlesinger looks like Kayden Kross or Maria Sharapova?????? (look up them if you don’t know)

    XD XD

    No offense Iliza.?

  • My rendition and? tribute to The Weakly News!! please watch and like and tell? me what you think!

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