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Gootecks Returns and EVO Predictions

Gootecks returns and we get a snapshot of what he was up to while he was away before he returns to save the fgc from the agents of esports. He then tells all about the events he's been a part of in the past weeks: Ask...

EVO Preview, Fubarduck & Infinites Walkthrough

This episode is full of surprises!  Renic and Zhi host due to Mike's recent hospitalization. Zhi talks about Southeast Asia Majors, a  the road to EVO event and discusses Daigo "The Beast" Umehara's appearance in Sing...

ECT4, CEO and Twotecks Returns

Host Mike Ross and "special" guest host Eliver "Killer Kai" Ling discuss the recent events, East Coast Throwdown 4, MLG Anaheim, and CEO.  Then, our good friend coL.CC FilipinoChamp drops in via skype to update us on ...

MLG Anaheim League of Legends Tournament Recap

Expert advice on gaming and adult entertainment.

EG Justin Wong and MRN Marn

Mike Ross and guest hosts EG Justin Wong and MRN Marn talk about the recent community events UFGT8 (Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8).  Then, CEO organizer Jebailey stops in via Skype to make some exclusive announc...

Canada East Championships

Featuring Red Rapper. Mike Ross and guest host Peter, "Combofiend", Rosas discuss the recent fighting game event, Toryuken. Next, our good friend LI Joe joins us on Skype to discuss his upcoming event, East Coast Thro...

Col.CC Filipino Champ

Mike Ross and guest host discuss recent fighting game event and Col.CC Filipino Champ

Dr. Subzero Highlights

Subzero highlights

Seasons Beatings Summer Slam Feat. Spooky

Mike Ross and guest host Peter "Combofiend" Rosas discuss the recent event  "Season Beatings Summer Slam".  Next, our good friend Spooky stops in to speak publicly about the changes he will be making in the near futur...

Spooky on Streaming

Spooky on streaming

Joker Challenges Fanatiq

Joker Challenges Fanatiq to a Money Match

Civil War 4 Recap

Guest host Fanatiq. Civil War recap.

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