Cross Counter Live – ‪s1:e2 (Part 6 of 6)‬

Mike Ross is back from Japan to join Gootecks on the couch to talk about everything relevant to fighting games. Mike Ross just got back from a tournament in Japan called Super Battle Opera (SBO) with FilipinoChamp to compete in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. He talks about his experience in Japan, shows pictures, discusses his matches and what happened to all the other American teams. Whilst Mike Ross was in Japan, Gootecks decided to do ‘Barcraft’ but Street Fighter style with the struggle of navigating a complex Japanese website, without knowing any Japanese. There is some discussion about the pros, and cons, of having free to play streams, and pay per view streams.

After discussing the Japanese fighting Game scene, they turn to the American fighting game scene, with the possibilities of what Major League Gaming could do to help. MLG has done so much for the Halo scene, and with the introduction of Starcraft II the scene has gotten huge. Fighting games is known for its roots, where it started, the fighting game scene is very old dating back over 15 years+, people want to keep it that way. MLG would bring a lot more tournaments, more sponsors, more prize money, and a lot more publicity, at an MLG event, the stream received over 30million viewers over a variety of games. MLG’s inclusion could help, but the community does not want MLG to outshine other fighting game events, holding tournaments on the same weekend as other events.

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