Cross Counter Live – ‪s1:e3 (Part 1 of 4)‬

On this week’s show, Mike Ross celebrated his birthday by going to a concert, Gootecks on the other hand was stream monstering his teammate, and good friend, Combofiend. Combofiend got third and Wolfkrone won.

The biggest news of this week is to do with Sp00ky. Sp00ky was coming back from T12, and on the way back his bags was checked, the security was suspicious of all the streaming equipment that Sp00ky had, not many people try to cross the border with all of the equipment needed for a tournament in their bags. All the digital media was taken, cameras, laptops, and more. Luckily, the community pulled together, with help from Shoryuken to help TeamSp00ky out with new
equipment, all the streams will continue as planned, but getting their original equipment back may not happen. It has angered many people, hopefully Sp00ky will get all of his original equipment back, and it will never happen again

Combofiend joins Mike Ross and Gootecks to talk about T12 in Canada, Toronto. This is the first time that Combofiend has been in Canada so he shares his views about what he seen, and where he had been. Combofiend did really well, he got 2nd in MvC3, and did well in Arcade Edition.

Combofiend reviews one of his matches from the event against Chi-Rithy with Cross Counter. This match was Oni for Combofiend, and Chi-Rithy with Yang. Combofiend has lots of different characters to play as, meaning he can try to counter the opponent at all times. Combofiend played Oni for the majority of the game, so it is only fitting that the match shown is Oni. Not many players play Oni so it is a insight into top level play with a less used character.

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