Here There Be Dragons

Game of the Week – Dragon Age: Origins. This week Nikole Zivalich, Jim Festante and David Guida talk Dragon Age: Origins. Combo news included: Russian Counter-Strike players are distracted by strippers. Blizzard opens a market place for in game pets. New Street Fighter game will include car killing mode. Market research shows that video games are the number one Christmas gift. New Wii game uses baby dolls. A new site lets you watch classic gaming cartoons online. Back by popular demand: What’s In Your Box followed by Top 7. This week’s Top 7 was the Top 7 ways Dragon Age is like Star Wars. Game of the week was Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins. Did the game live up to their previous RPG’s? Stay tuned for the end to see Pacmobelia for your chance to win an Xbox 360. We gave out FIVE tokens to win the XBox 360 during the grand prize drawing at the end of the month. Watch live for your chance to win a token too!

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