The Game Show: Win an Xbox Every Month!

The Game Show is back and this time we are changing things up. One order of change is how Pacmobelia will work. This season instead of giving away a game we are going to be a giving away an Xbox 360 every month.

Each episode during Pacmobelia, the first 5 viewers to guess right and send their answers to twitter win a token. To win, simply follow thestreamdottv and @reply them your guess. At the end of the month there will be a grand drawing and the winner gets a brand new Xbox!

You can enter as many times as you win. That means if each week you have a new chance to enter. And Pacmobelia won’t be the only way to win tokens either. There will be surprise tokens given away during The Game Show. Don’t be shocked if you see a surprise token showing up in other shows as well.

Make sure to catch up on Season 1 in the archives.

Tune in Tuesday night at 10pm PST/1am EST.

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