The Lyon is out of the cage!!!! rawr


Yup, we all saw it… Lucious is out and back in the thick of it! I mean..come on did we really think he would stay behind bars for long?? And before we go any further can we give an honorable mention to Tyra Ferrell? Not only is she playing the part of the prosecutor Roxanne Ford to perfection but she is also serving us boddddddyyyyyyy in those very racy and SEXY tight outfits! Who would of thought enforcing the law could be so hot! Ok, ok so where were we..oh yes the Lyon Family Drama. Cookie is still pushing full steam ahead with her new vanity label Lyon Dynasty and Lucious ain’t having it…naturally. What was so amazing about this weeks episode was the how crafty and slick both Cookie and Lucious are. From Cookie stealing the show at Leviticus with Pitbull to Lucious buying APEX radio it really drove home the fact that these two will stop at nothing to prove who is has the real juice. Yes of course Jamaal is still going through it as head of Empire , still torn and confused but becoming more like is father everyday. And what about Andre? The announcement of Rhonda being with child and him becoming a father was met with love and happiness from Mama Cookie, but was not received so well from Lucious. Shocker. But we did get an amazing scene and stellar acting form Trai Byers that again solidified him and his character as complex, dynamic and powerful. Do I smell #Emmy? ahh so much to talk about but not enough time. Is it Wednesday yet ?? hehehehehe until next time kiddies . I’ma go rewatch the episode again. I can’t get enough 🙂


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