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WGA Negotiator Mark Gunn on Writers Strike

Writers Guild Association negotiator Mark Gunn will participate in a live interview on the internet show “Filmnut” Wednesday, December 5th 8:00pm pacific time, 11:00pm eastern on Gunn and “Filmnut” host Jeff Schubert will discuss the writer’s strike and answer questions via instant messages from viewers.

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Los Angeles, CA December 3, 2007 – Now that the press blackout is lifted without a settlement (pending as of December 3rd 11pm), Gunn is taking the WGA’s case viral with his live interview on the hot new internet show Filmnut on  Filmnut covers all aspects of filmmaking, and has included interviews with such notable writers as Oscar winner Bob Moresco (Crash), James Gunn (Slither, Scooby Doo, Dawn Of The Dead), and Kevin Michael Smith (Pride).  Other interviewees include Director Michael Lembeck, Producer Representative Jeff Dowd, Actor Gregory Itzin (Fox’s 24), Robot Chicken’s Ross Shuman, Slamdance Co-Founder Dan Mirvish, and Troma President Lloyd Kaufman.

“It’s an opportunity to be a very small part of the conversation and perhaps mobilize viewers to get involved in the process,” says Schubert.  “As fans of Film and TV, we can’t let either side take us for granted.  I hope this show will help break down the issues for the viewers, answer questions, and let them know if there is anything they can do.”

Will Filmnut give AMPTP equal time?  “You bet” says Schubert.  “We’d welcome them, the communication needs to continue.”

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The episode has aired and is now available to watch:

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