Amy and the “Sin Closet”

While the boys are away, they ladies will…well, talk and have wine.  Bernadette and Amy decide to try and throw a “Bachelorette” party for Penny, since the boys have taken Leonard to Mexico, but Penny believes there’s no reason for all the fuss.  Instead they retire to their usual spot (Penny’s apartment) and carry on with their usual activities…with one exception. The evening soon becomes a truth telling “party”, where Amy and Penny are made to confront their families and tell them about the changes in their relationship statuses. Unfortunately, Amy must sadly tell her mother that she has broken up with Sheldon and, for her, this is a big undertaking.
When we first met Amy, the only reason she decided to be matched up with Sheldon was to get her mother off her back.  Now, 6 years later, she had to tell her uber-conservative mom, the woman that made her sit in a “sin closet”, that she is no longer with him. When she falters at the beginning of her telephone conversation, Penny grabs the phone away from her and precedes to tell Amy’s mother, “Amy broke up with Sheldon, she got her ears pierced, and she made us eat penis cookies!” As she hands the phone back to Amy she quips, “She wants to talk to you.” We all know the ear lashing that is about to be bestowed upon her and, without hearing it, we can only contemplate (hilariously) what she must endure.
At the end of the episode, when Penny bumps into a disheveled Sheldon and Leonard, we come to find out that Amy’s mom made Penny put Amy in her closet.  Oh, how I would’ve loved to have seen Amy’s little eyes peering out from the slats in Penny’s closet!!
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