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Danielle Harris (HATCHET 3, PRANK) and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (THE VICTIM) may be famous Scream Queens – but they are also horror film Producers and Directors with a Type-A pedigree! Danielle and Jennifer dropped by INSIDE HORROR to discuss their work as directors – and the unique perspective women bring to directing genre films. Hosted by Staci Layne Wilson.

AMONG FRIENDS, directed by Harris, is a twisted horror tale of a dinner party gone wrong. Set against an ‘80s backdrop, good times take a dark turn when one partygoer hijacks the evening, forcing the others to come clean about secret betrayals against one another.

THE NIGHT VISITOR, directed by Blanc-Biehn, follows a suburban couple who’ve hire a New Age spiritualist to help with their troubled marriage. Her advice to reunite the family – recording themselves 24/7 – reveals something unexpected and terrifying. Their son is having conversations with an unseen Entity calling itself The Night Visitor.

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Elric Kane (Creator, Producer, Host)
Elric is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and bona-fide horror fanatic with several directorial credits to his name. A native of New Zealand, he has taught film in Chicago and in Los Angeles, recently opening the Relativity School of Film Media and Performing Arts. His short film, TENDER, is currently on the festival circuit.

Staci Layne Wilson (Creator, Producer, Host)
As Senior Reviewer and on-camera reporter at Horror.com, and an ongoing contributor to Fangoria magazine, Staci brings a Type-A pedigree to INSIDE HORROR. In addition to her duties as a roving reporter and scribe, she is the author of 50 YEARS OF GHOST MOVIES, and director of the short films THE KEY TO ANNABEL LEE and THE NIGHT PLAYS TRICKS.

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