Conor Knighton from Current TV’s infoMania Live From the Future

From Current TV’s #1 show infoMania, Host/Executive Producer Conor Knighton!

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Stu threatened to “do the show in reverse”, but that would mean we’d have to get dressed during the show, and nobody wants clothing on the internet, so we did it medium old-school. We kicked off with a round of that old family favorite, Softcore Hollywood Hits. After @JohnFulron gave us a lovely theme song, it was time to get dirty in an after-school special type of way. Stu mutated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen into Transporners: Revenge of the Ballin’ and the chat room blessed us with: Hotel For Doggie Style, Harry Potter and the Half-Boned Prince and naturally, Alice in Underpants.


(John: “Smell it!” Jessie: (thought bubble): “Don’t”)

The massive, many-branched sequoia of entertainment that is Live! From the future… grew ever higher with a segment of the fan favorite: Jeff Trail: Mid-Level Warehouse Manager. Then it was time for a visit from Conor Knighton, host of Current TV’s infoMania. Conor gave us fun tidbits about his show and the benefits/perils of having Al Gore as a sort-of boss.


(Conor scares Stu with his vast knowledge of the counties of West Virginia. 18 seconds!!!)

More importantly, Conor showed off the skills he can’t demonstrate on-air at infoMania, particularly his ability to name all 55 counties in his native West Virginia. Conor’s not only full of useless skills, he actually demonstrated the proper way to position a paper toilet seat cover (the trap door of the cover goes in the front – to protect your man/lady/man-lady business). With everyone’s business thus protected, Stu, Jessie and The Fulron signed off.


(Jessie and Conor get into the post-show, and each other, while everyone else gets some much needed sleep.)

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