Ay ay ay, a Mexican standoff!!

In this episode, we follow the boys (Leonard and Sheldon) on their mission to acquire the liquid helium needed to prove their theory before the Swedish team.  Since Kripke (in true Kripke fashion) decides not to share his stores with them, they are forced to purchase what they need from the seedy underbelly of the black market.  Cut to an extremely well lit and empty parking garage where we meet the black market helium dealer, Kenny (played by the brilliant, Michael Rapaport).


Before handing over the money, Sheldon and Leonard both state their uneasiness with the exchange.  Kenny then tells them that they only get the goods when he gets the cash, so they have therefore reached a stalemate. This is when the LOL’s truly begin for this plot line, as Sheldon corrects Kenny and describes the difference between a stalemate and an impasse. When Leonard interjects and throws in the term “Mexican Standoff”, Sheldon precedes to basically get them into one while trying to explain the term! Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, the exchange takes place and the boys are on their way back to the lab with newly obtained canister of helium. But, as they start to set up the experiment, Sheldon notices that the container says “Property of U…”.  He immediately believes that it has been stolen from the United States Government and if they are caught with it, they would be accessories to a federal crime.  Sheldon, of course, in good conscience, can not be privy to such an act and convinces Leonard that they need to return it.


So back to the parking garage we go where Kenny so kindly says he’ll take back the helium….for a small “helium restocking” fee and no refund.  Now, presumably out of thousands of dollars, they return to the lab with no helium and no chance to beat the Swedish team in proving their own theory.  When Barry enters and finally offers to share his supply of helium, hope has been renewed. That is until Kripke says that he wants his name to be added to their work.  Infuriated by Barry’s request, off we go one last time to meet our new friend Kenny, who, by this time, has impressed us with his scariness coupled with his inquisitive nature, intelligence, and ultimate kindness. Rapaport played the role exquisitely, with levels and layers, and impeccable comedic timing. The final shot of the episode ends with Sheldon, Leonard, and Kenny back the the apartment discussing Wikipedia’s description of a Mexican standoff, having a beer and getting ready to watch ‘Ernest Goes To Jail”.

Would you like to see Michael Rapaport’s character, Kenny, have a recurring guest star on the show? Should Kenny become Sheldon’s new roommate allowing Leonard and Penny to finally move in together? Tune in next week to see what happens and then join us for our live after show on thestream.tv. Chat with us during our show via YouTube or tweet us using #BigBangAS!

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