The Death of Discs and Other Physical Media

Physical media has been around as long as, well, media but with the rise of digital media ever since a little program called Napster revolutionized the music scene, are we about to see the death of the disc as we know it? Netflix certainly seems to think so with its efforts to send its disc-by-mail service to die a grisly death in the failed Quikster rebranding but will our current infrastructure and broadband restrictions hinder our ability to support the move to a completely digital world where everything is on-demand? And what about games? With used game sales being their bread and butter, will game retail kings like GameStop support a change that will surely hurt their business dramatically? Michael Quiroz of Nyko Technologies joins the GeekDown crew this week to help debate these very questions. Caution: lots of geeking out will happen. In our Geek Worthy segment we break down Capcom’s announcement that the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS will cost a whopping $50 and that’s not even including the new Circle Pad Pro attachment that’ll make the game much more enjoyable to play. Have publishers gotten too greedy or is this just a sign of an upcoming permanent price jump? Hear what we have to say about all of this and more on this week’s faptastic episode of GeekDown.

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