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Last night’s episode of INSIDE HORROR was positively palpitating with pulchritude! Elric not only had his usual ladies — Jenna Busch and me, Staci Layne Wilson — flanking him, but was also joined on the loveseat by adorable Ashlynn Yennie (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE), and the super pretty (and talented!) SuperHeidi Honeycutt and Shannon Lark who were on hand to talk about The Viscera Film Festival (all-female filmmakers) and to tell us about their big charity event, Bone Marrow, which will be taking place in the NoHo Arts District on the night of Saturday, Feb 25.

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First up, we had some Drealines Dread Central news and unveiled the really surprisingly above-par teaser posters just released for Piranha 3DD and REC 3. Then we went behind the scenes of the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter film from Fox, directed by Timur Bekmambetov and starring Benjamin Walker. Last week, I went on a little field trip to Springfield, IL. to see Lincoln’s tomb, view his bloody gloves from the night we was assassinated, and to talk with the filmmakers and actors in regard to the what-if historical sci-fi horror actioner. I’m currently reading the source novel, also entitled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and I really like it so far. Am curious to see if the film has as many historical references.

After the clips, we welcomed our guests. First up were Heidi and Shannon, who talked about their Viscera Film Festival and Bone Marrow charity drive, which is informative, but they also had some really pithy, witty observations on womens’ roles in the horror genre — both in front of, and behind the camera.

Next up was — speaking of ‘behind’ — actress (or is the term simply ‘actor’ for all genders, now? I need to be PC!) Ashlynn Yennie, who brought up the rear in both Human Centipede films. The easygoing, and very humorous young miss told some tall tales about working not only with the very controversial director Tom Six, but also how the two “mad scientists” in each film differed so radically from one another. Ashlynn also gave us the skinny on the upcoming film she did with Adam Gierasch (director of the Night of the Demons remake), Schism.

Tune in to Inside Horror next week (Tuesday, February 28 at 7 p.m. PST, 10 p.m. EST) for our season finale (don’t fret! Ala Arnie, “We’ll be back.”) which is a big blow-out gala celebrating women in horror with special guests Sybil Danning (The Howling 2), Danielle Harris (Halloween), Laura Lau (Silent House), and many more.


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