Kevin T. Willson Doritos Million Dollar Admeter Contest Winner

This episode of Commercial Break is not about the face in front of the camera but the guy who sits behind it and makes all the magic happen. Kevin T. Willson, the commercial winning director of the “Crash the Superbowl” Doritos Contest joins the cast of Commercial Break to give us a birds eye view into what commercial directing is all about. Kevin is the genius behind this year’s Superbowl Commercial “Sling Baby”. Kevin has been a repeated finalist in the Doritos Superbowl Contest for several years but in 2011 he won one million dollars (pinky up to mouth Dr. Evil style) for “Sling Baby” and he promises to give it all to Mike and Rebecca for their award winning stream show…eh hem well maybe not any of it but he will bring us free Doritos for the rest of our lives and that is priceless. Learn how to fit seventy bags of Doritos into a casket along with a mini TV. No Kevin did not actually sling a real baby in a sling across someone’s backyard he just figured out how to make it look that way. Rebecca and Mike forget to bring the Doritos to the set but thankfully Erin and David save the day! Rebecca crinkles the crunchiness yumminess of Doritos into her lavalier mike (she’s a real class act). Brian bullies Rebecca repeatedly throughout the episode with his mean overbearing time clock but we think he was just frustrated because he was stuck in the sound booth eating rice cakes while the rest of us downed Doritos. Kevin sells out the Monkey to you as a technique to meet chicks so you should really buy it along with all the other craziness we deliver to our stream universe where our lovely Chat Stars dwell in a heaven of Commercial Break bliss.

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