Street Fighter X Tekken

On this special Street Fighter x Tekken episode of Cross Counter LIVE, gootecks and Mike Ross are joined by Clakey D and Eliver “KillerKai” Ling.  ClakeyD and KillerKai won not one, but two SFxT team tournaments at Level Up’s Wednesday Night Fights last week.

The guys talk about recent news and events such as:
– Capcom’s $500k tournament series
– the beginning of Cross Assault
– MLG’s Mortal Kombat 9 prize money

Finally, gootecks and Mike Ross make their SFxT co-op debut against KillerKai and ClakeyD.  They play a set of first to 3 for bragging rights.

References and Links:

– Shadowloo Showdown Qualifier at UCI February 26th
– Shadowloo Showdown May 5-6 – Melbourne, Australia

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